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Guidelines to Using Written Estimates Effectively Home Repair Articles | August 17 Adam Jones Womens Jersey , 2007
Getting a written?estimate is the first step to ensuring a good price and avoiding disputes over cost or extent of work. Based on our experience, here are guidelines to getting better estimates.

One of the most frequent mistakes associated with having a property redecorated or renovated is the failure to obtain an estimate prior to the start of work. Another common mistake is not following the basic guidelines for getting estimates. By avoiding these two errors, you can almost certainly get a better price for your work. Furthermore, it will help you avoid shoddy work and avoid disputes over the extent or price of work.

When asking for an estimate Cal Ripken Womens Jersey , one should keep in mind the objectives of an estimate and ensure that these are met. The primary objectives are:

Obtain a lower price than otherwise. Define the work, including what is included and what is excluded. Protect yourself from additional charges for 'extra work'. Provide yourself with legal protection from incomplete or low quality work. Ensure that the different approaches to the job have been considered and that the most suitable approach has been agreed upon.

There are a number of ways in which an estimate can be used to achieve these objectives. Following are the key points from our experience.

To begin with, one should obtain an estimate from 2 or 3 different businesses. If you get an estimate from only one, it is difficult to know if the price you are being quoted is reasonable. However Brooks Robinson Womens Jersey , if you get 2 or 3 quotes, then you can compare. Obtaining more than 3 quotes will give you more information, but it has two disadvantages. One is that the businesses involved will find it a waste of time (except for the winning business) and the other is that you can get a reputation among the local service industry for wasting time. Consequently, 2 or 3 is a good number.

Obviously you are not interested in an estimate which is too high. However Authentic Eddie Murray Jersey , you also be wary of one that is too low. Such low estimates are often a sign of an unprofessional business, which will either do a poor quality job or will try to charge for so-called 'extras'. Few things in life are free, and accepting an estimate which is too low is often regretted in the end.

When asking for an estimate, I find that it is useful to tell the business that you are getting other estimates and are looking for a competitive quote. This way they know that they are in a competitive situation and are under pressure to provide a good price.

It is also useful to ask for the estimate to provide not only a price Authentic Jim Palmer Jersey , but also to list exactly what is included and what is excluded from the work. This will help avoid later disputes as to what is part of the original job and what is 'extra'. Many businesses will try to get extra money by claiming that part of the work is 'extra', so a detailed estimate is a good step in protecting yourself from this unnecessary expense. When you have received your 2-3 estimates, check them for the level of detail they provide and how clear the details are. Insufficient or fuzzy descriptions should set off warning bells. An honest and reliable business should have no problem providing a detailed specification.

If the extent of the work cannot be determined until it is started (for example, if initial work is required to evaluate the extent of renovation required) Authentic Frank Robinson Jersey , then the estimate should indicate the different possibilities and the associated costs.

Certain types of work can be done to differing levels of quality or use differing amounts or quality of material. These should also be precisely stated. For example, if you ask to have a roof insulated, the estimate should state exactly the type of insulation being used and the amount (in this case, the thickness of the insulation). It is often the case that a professional outfit will quote a higher price because they are using more material Authentic Roberto Alomar Jersey , are using a higher quality material, or completing the job to a better standard. Unless the estimates are precise in these regards, one cannot meaningfully compare them.

Another tip is to use the estimate to have a productive discussion about the possible different approaches to meeting your requirements. I find that it is useful when asking for an estimate to sit down with the person doing the estimate and ask himher what the various alternatives are. This will often uncover another way to doing the work which is either cheaper or better (or even both). Then after the estimate is done, if it is for a large and complex job Authentic Earl Weaver Jersey , it is worth asking again if there are any alternatives to cut the cost. Rather than risk losing your custom, many businesses will come up with good suggestions at this point.

If you follow these guidelines to obtaining estimates, you are in the position to evaluate the different businesses not only from the perspective of price but also in terms of the work that will likely be done. Obviously some of the above guidelines are excessive for a minor job, such as changing a tap or unplugging a drain. However Authentic Mark Trumbo Jersey , for larger jobs, they will help you save a lot of money and will often prevent disputes that would otherwise occur.

Finally, before giving permission for work to start, you should ensure that you have the estimate in writting and signed. In the event of a legal dispute Authentic Joey Rickard Jersey , this is a key document.

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