other people suffer from this same affliction

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other people suffer from this same affliction

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Causes Symptoms and Diet for Jaundice Health Articles | February 4 Cheap Air Vapormax China , 2010
Jaundice is caused due to some infection in the liver. Function of the liver gets disturbed when there is a deposit of bile pigments in surplus and for this reason only the color of the skin of the patient suffering from jaundice turns yellow which is not normal.

Jaundice is caused when there is some infection in the liver and the liver starts to function abnormally. Function of the liver gets disturbed when there is a deposit of bile pigments in excess and for this reason only the color of the skin of the patient suffering from jaundice turns yellow which is not normal. ?In jaundice bilirubin in the blood of the patient is increased and the skin is discolored to yellow. Treatment of the jaundice in time is very necessary other wise it will result into the death of a patient. In Ayurveda it is also known as 'Kamala'.

The major causes of the jaundice are as under-

1- Blockage in the bile ducts - Jaundice is caused when there is a irritation in the gallstones and in the liver due to obstruction in the bile ducts.2- Haemolytic Anemia - It is also caused when red blood corpuscles do not function properly and it can be inborn too.3- Blood sucking diseases and virus-It is also caused when the liver does not function properly due to infection of blood sucking diseases and virus.?

Symptoms of Jaundice
1- Extreme weakness
2- Fever and headache
3- Nausea
4- Yellow discoloration of tongue skin urine and eyes
5- Severe constipation
6- Loss of appetite
7- Dull pain in the liver region

Jaundice Diet
In jaundice treatment fruit juices and barley water are effective strictly avoid giving cereals and pulses as it causes inflammation in the liver fatty foods are also avoided. Fresh fruit juices and fruit diet are the best diet for the patient of jaundice and it is necessary for the patient to take good rest. For patients suffering from jaundice fruits like grapes, black soya beans, sweet potatoes Cheap Air Vapormax Sale , and nuts are effective fruits.
Do and Don'ts

1-Eat almonds and nuts.
2-Avoid all types of spice foods
3-Take more fiber products
4-Lemon is also very good in jaundice.
5-Patient of jaundice is advised to drink fruit juices and to take proper rest.
6-Fresh tomato juice early in morning is very effective in jaundice.
7-Take proper rest.
8-Drink sugarcane juice daily for about 1-2 weeks.
9-Orange juice is also very effective in treating jaundice. It helps in bowel movement.?

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