How do guilds deal with mounts for retired raiders?

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How do guilds deal with mounts for retired raiders?

Messagede hawrdstrack » 17 Mai 2018, 14:23


I'm a guild leader, and I was wondering in general how guilds deal with giving mythic end-boss mounts to retired or ex raiders, people who progressed that boss, but quit, and for whatever reason hadn't been around to help farm the boss, then show up and want it first, before any new raiders who replaced them. This is what I'm facing. We devised a mount policy for mythic mounts that we thought was generally fair for all. When a mount drops, everyone rolls, and then whatever they roll is modified by the % of their attendance for the raid tier. If they're a long-term raider, with 100% attendance, they get their full roll. If they're new, with 10% attendance throughout the raid tier, they get 10% of their roll. If they were often late or disconnected or basically weren't there for any reason, their roll with be affected by that. This means that veterans and more reliable raiders TEND to get the mount first, but it leaves in an element of RNG, so that everyone feels they have at least a shot at it. We've had no complaints about this system.

Please help.

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