2011 iMac in the Shop - Beware Power Supply Issues!

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2011 iMac in the Shop - Beware Power Supply Issues!

Messagede hawrdstrack » 21 Mai 2018, 12:35


Who's got two thumbs and is grateful they had one last month of AppleCare on their late 2011 27' iMac?
If you answered anything but "This guy" then I'm sorry, I have nothing for you, grab a consolation prize on your way out.
Long story short, I've had two big issues pop up in the past three months - long boot times and emergency fans kicking on randomly (the hoovers built into the bottom of the unit). The power outage we had Saturday was apparently what was needed to finally kill the power supply dead, as no amount of SMC resets would bring the iMac back to life.
Genius Bar confirmed that these units have problematic power supplies, wasn't surprised at all when I listed my symptoms.
So if you're rockin a Late 2011 27' iMac, and you've seen some funny behavior, you might want to get the power supply checked out sooner rather than later!

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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