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Messagede Antonia Hardy » 22 Juin 2020, 11:22

Jouissance is a French word camelbak backpack with sexual connotations that has the broader meaning of a rather over-the-top sense of pleasure or enjoyment, especially the joy of being proved right over against an adversary. I have often heard and used the word "triumphalism" in a sense similar to this. Using the work of political theorist Slajov Žižek as a template for understanding the ideology of evangelicalism, Fitch says that much can be learned by paying attention to its jouissance. We often let what we are not and what we are against define us. And when we feel ourselves proved "right" over against the "enemy," we feel jouissance, a triumphalistic sense of vindication. We stand with our foot on the enemy's neck. We raise our flag and sing a song of victory .

Before we feel jouissance, that sense of emotional release and satisfaction at the discrediting of someone like Harold Camping, we should perhaps take a look in the mirror. It may be easy to spot false teaching like Camping's baby carrier , especially when he and his followers spend millions of dollars to plaster billboards around the countryside. But what about all the "plowboys with Bibles" leading churches and "ministries" small and large in places across America and the world? At the foundation, what's the difference? Chaplain Mike ~ no I don 't think you were giving hi hydration pack m credit.

That really is a question I know I need to grapple with in the wake of this story. Thanks for sharing this Mike. As I see it…that's how Christians do define themself. I read the George Barna book "Unchristian" and loved it. Having converted from Catholicism to looking into Mormonism to Evangelical Christian the book really resonated with me. My experiences with my family taught me how much Christians are defined by what they don't like, believe, etc… But when I de-coverted I noticed more so how many Christians are known by what they oppose. Or how people lump them together.

Shall Vigilantius the live dog be better than Paul the dead lion? best carry on luggage " for the first time in modern history, the live video feed & constant pressure for accountability sank the Todd Bentley Lakeland circus debacle. Bentley did not do anything different from his predecessors. he took his que from those that made a good living doing what he attempted to do. but this time the internet immediacy put the Grand Kibosh on the lies, deceit, hype, claims, methodology, theology, silliness, financial irregularities, etc. it deflated the circus tent before it ever had a chance to stand.

it could be if others in the church could have coordinated a concerted voice in speaking out more strongly against the apparent stupidity, the collateral damage could have been minimized. 2. It is in times like these that I really love being Catholic, the magisterium is there to prevent this kind of nonsense, we can argue about the little things and some of the historical issues. But these are men who devote their lives to making sure that the Dogma the church follows is sound, I know how some feel. But I for one find that a great start place, I have not shut off my mind, and I still study. But if I've gone way south of their teachings then I have to re-examine mine, I simply use them as a marking point for systematic theology.

And in the farewell letter he issued beforehand, Camping somewhat paradoxically urged his employees to “steadfastly continu waist pack e to stand with us to proclaim the Gospel through Family Radioâ€. Hey, he’s already hedging his bets by talking “afterâ€. What’s that all about, anyway? But I am indeed laughing at them. Why? Because Rev. Camping made it clear that the reason the Rapture is coming now is because the world is so immoral that God must end it, like he did with the flood. And a prime cause of that immorality? Homosexuals gaining rights and respect around the world. These people make a point of saying that they ar Image e more moral than you, and certainly more "worthy" than you.
Antonia Hardy
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