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2011 iMac in the Shop - Beware Power Supply Issues!


Who's got two thumbs and is grateful they had one last month of AppleCare on their late 2011 27' iMac?
If you answered anything but "This guy" then I'm sorry, I have nothing for you, grab a consolation prize on your way out.
Long story short, I've had two big issues pop up in the past three months - long boot times and emergency fans kicking on randomly (the hoovers built into the ...
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Digital marketing internship positions?


I am looking for a digital marketing agency where I could do my internship starting January/February 2018 and lasting for 5 months. I am specially interested in finding an agency where I could practise and deepen my skills in social media marketing, paid social media/video/digital marketing, content creation and SEO.
I am from Finland and finishing my second year of Bachelor´s studies in a University of Applied Sciences.
The company could be situated any ...
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How do guilds deal with mounts for retired raiders?


I'm a guild leader, and I was wondering in general how guilds deal with giving mythic end-boss mounts to retired or ex raiders, people who progressed that boss, but quit, and for whatever reason hadn't been around to help farm the boss, then show up and want it first, before any new raiders who replaced them. This is what I'm facing. We devised a mount policy for mythic mounts that we thought was generally ...
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Hardmode Raids with little development effort


Would it be possible to integrate a hardmode for TD and future raids. To keep the development time as low as possible, just make a few adjustments to the DPS or heal checks or quite simply shorter enrage timers. The loot table could be the same as in normal mode but with a guaranteed or higher drop chance for conqueror/overlord items. A system like CoA to change the difficulty would be ideal.

Please help. ...
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Overwatch Ranking System


I'm GM getting qued with plats diamond low masters and sometimes even golds in season 10... How is this still an issue?? The only time I get good games is in the middle of the day noon to like 2 PM . Otherthan that it will have me waiting 5-6 minutes while searching for a "fair game" then que me with a bunch of diamonds.. I don't get it?? Can someone at blizzard fix ...
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Vulpera as an Allied Race


I hope when they eventually do this, which they obviously will (when was the last time a race got male/female with multiple customizations that didn't become playable eventually, plus they're on the Goblin Skeleton, like other Allied Races), that they give them to Alliance. Why? Because then the Horde will know what it's like to save a race from extinction at the hands of an enemy only to have them turn on you immediately ...
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Cloud hosting better than server hosting


Cloud server resources can scale quickly to handle any spikes in traffic, much better than a single server. This means that if you do happen to publish some content that goes viral and thousands of people start visiting all at once, your servers should keep running.Due to the nature of cloud infrastructure, service providers tend to handle a lot of the backend stuff for you, making it easier and less complicated to use.Ok, so ...
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Vendeur de bijoux Touaregs recherche boutique éphémère

Bonjour à tous,

Issoughan est une boutique en ligne ( proposant des bijoux touaregs, dans une logique de commerce équitable.
En effet nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec des artisans forgerons touaregs de la ville d'Agadez au Niger, pour qui nous commercialisons les bijoux qu'ils créaient. Les relations commerciales que nous avons avec ces partenaires respectent les conditions du commerce équitable.

Nous proposons donc à la vente des bagues, ...
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Recherche points de vente


Je suis créatrice de mode, vêtements féminins moyenne-haute gamme.

Je recherche des points de vente pour mes créations , à partager un magasin sur Paris/ Région parisienne ; (collaborations diverses).

Adresse-mail :

Lien pour voir mes créations :

Merci pour votre réponse

Lise B."
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Que diriez-vous maillots de vélo ou chaussures Nike?

Que diriez-vous maillots de vélo ou chaussures Nike?

2013 Cheap Cycle Men Cycling Jerseys and Tour De France Jerseys

2013 pas her cheap Nike Blazer shoesfor male and female.

2013 pas cher Nike Air Max chaussures.vente chaude hommes et femmes dernier Nike Air Max.

2013 vêtements pas cher Abercrombie & Fitch, le dernier mode de vie vêtements Abercrombie & Fitch, A & F d'accessoires de vêtements, hommes et femmes Abercrombie & Fitch chemise.

2013 pas ...
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